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Fun Virtual World Games for Kids in Zui.com - FREE! All types of Webkinz online related games and videos can be found in Zui.com. But, don't forget that you have to enter the secret code that came with the purchase of your Webkinz stuffed animal in order to enjoy any of them. If you purchased the Webkinz Panda, you would first have to enter the number listed on the panda’s collar in to the website and see your virtual panda appear on the computer for you to adopt and name. Your Panda can then move on to number of different areas within the website where you can play online games, chat with other animals or explore. While you move about you can earn points which you can be used purchase thousands of virtual items for your Webkinz pet including furniture, clothes and food. In order for you to keep your Webkinz happy and healthy you should login on a daily basis to feed, play, exercise, dress your Webkinz online pet. Everybody loves Zui.com for putting all the hottest games like Webkinz, the best YouTube videos, and the coolest sites all in one place. You can also earn Zui Points for every time you log on and have fun. Get your parents to sign you up. It's FREE and takes just a minute. You could win one of our monthly grand prizes, like an iPad or a Nintendo gaming system. You’re having fun playing games anyway, why not win prizes for playing? Sign up now by clicking the Login button. Find Webkinz and other virtual world games, music, videos, photos and more in Zui.com! Zui.com is a free, kid-friendly search engine designed to let your kids roam the web without running into the bad stuff. What is your kid curious about?