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PBS Kids has made a huge impact on kids worldwide for a number of years now, and it continues to with free PBS Kids online games! What's best, is that you can play the PBS Kids online games at Zui.com, for free! Its overall goal has been to build knowledge, critical thinking, imagination, and curiosity in kids. They’ve done this in massive way by providing oodles of educational books, TV shows, online video games, fun and playful characters and more. Zui.com has accumulated much of this PBS content within its robust search engine so kids can have a wonderful time playing games and watching videos of their favorite characters like Barney, Elmo, Super Why and more (like PBS Kids online games!) while staying safe online! Haven’t heard of Zui.com? Zui.com is a free, kid-friendly search engine designed to let your kids roam the web without running in to the bad stuff. Zui.com, parents and teachers have spent countless hours roaming the web and adding only safe content to Zui.com that your kids will absolutely love. So, stop worrying and let your kids search online in Zui.com!