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Find Bella Sara and More Horse Games in Zui.com Bella Sara is the popular trading card game that combines a world of magical horses with strategic gameplay. Besides the cards, there are all sorts of other Bella Sara products including plushies, clothes and more! Originally, Bella Sara is a product of Denmark, but it eventually made its way to North America in 2007. It is now an international phenomenon! Kids from all over the world can participate in the Bella Sara virtual world at BellaSara.com. On BellaSara.com, visitors can play any of the 18 Bella Sara Adventures and meet horses, people and other magical friends. Visitors can also adopt their own horse and raise it. On Zui.com, you can watch Bella Sara videos online! There are video slideshows showing the most beautiful Bella Sara horses. You’ll also find short videos that introduce that latest Bella Sara cards, toys and other products. Also on Zui.com, you can play fun horse games just like Bella Sara! If you click on Horse Hair Studio, you can dress up your horse’s mane with accessories! If you want to take the Ponies in the City quiz, you can find out which pony you are today by answering the questions. You can also play the Pony Run online racing game to show your skills on the track. These are just a few of the many videos and other fun online games, funny YouTube Videos and more that you can find on Zui.com! You can also earn Zui Points for every time you log on and have fun. Get your parents to sign you up. It is free. It takes just a minute, and YOU could win one of our monthly grand prizes, like an iPad or a Nintendo gaming system. You’re having fun watching Bella Sara videos online anyway, why not win prizes for playing? Sign up now by clicking the Login button. xxxx