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Hey B Boys and B Girls! Looking for all of the Matty B Raps cover videos? You’ve come to the right place. Zui.com is proud to have Matty B as one of our first Zui Stars. Performing at Atlanta Braves games, on the Wendy Williams Show, and on the Today Show, Matty B is 9-year-old megastar! His videos have been viewed 100 MILLION times online, and you can find all of his music and vids right here on Zui.com. Want to see him rap ‘Good Feeling’ like Flo Rida? Sing like Adele? How about rapping with Vanilla Ice? You want it; you got it! Click below to check out all of Matty B’s greatest hits. Everybody loves Zui.com for putting all the hottest games, the best Matty B Raps cover videos from YouTube, and the coolest sites all in one place. You can even earn Zui Points every time you log in and have fun. Get your parents to sign you up; it’s free! It takes just a minute, and YOU could win one of our monthly grand prizes, like an iPad or a Nintendo gaming system. You’re having fun watching Matty B Raps cover videos anyway, why not win prizes for playing? Sign up now by clicking the Login button. Chyeah.