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Find Stardoll, Barbie & Rainbow Dress up Games in Zui.com - FREE! Our most popular games for girls are our huge collection of free online dress up games for kids. Whether you’re readying your doll for an elegant wedding, a fashion show or a concert, you’ll have all sorts of fun with the dress up games we have on Zui.com! In our Blushing Bride Dress Up game, there is a lovely, shy bride looking for a sophisticated and confidence-boosting outfit. If you think you have what it takes to give her a stylish bridal look, play this game! In the Glossy Make Up game, you’ll see that makeup has never been so glossy or sparkly! Browse through the hair, make up and accessory choices to help this girl get the glossiest look. In the Decorate Your Handbag game, you pick the perfect handbag with decorations. You get to be the ultimate handbag fashionista! In the Dance Party Dress Up game, you get to dress up the girl on her way to the coolest dance party of the year. Dress her up in your favorite outfit and she’s ready to go. In the Decorate Your Shoes game, you’ll get to dress up a diva’s shoes! Browse all of the options to make the perfect pair of saucy shoes worthy enough to show off. These are just a few of the many free online dress up games for kids and other fun online games, funny YouTube Videos and more that you can find on Zui.com! You can also earn Zui Points for every time you log on and have fun. Get your parents to sign you up. It is free. It takes just a minute, and YOU could win one of our monthly grand prizes, like an iPad or a Nintendo gaming system. You’re having fun playing free online dress up games for kids anyway, why not win prizes for playing? Sign up now by clicking the Login button. Girls around the world love to play dress up and makeover games both in real life and online. Zui.com has accumulated a vast array of free online dress up games including: Barbie, StarDoll, Rainbow Dress Up, Bratz, Polly Pocket Bella Sara and more! With many of these online dress-up game websites you can adorn horses, brides, movie characters, animals, celebrities, nails and more. Some websites even allow you to print your online creations to hang on their walls or share with family and friends. How much fun is that!